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I have been been making some changes to the website for my Osteopathic, Naturopathic and Acupuncture website.  My good friend Gordon May used to edit my site and perform all the necessary technical tasks. However, he is so busy with his own Classic Motor Cycle Adventure Projects that I have decided to take over.

Hold on a minute I hear you ask!  Aren’t you supposed to be a Registered Osteopath and  Acupuncture practitioner?What do you know about being a webmaster?

Well I will explain…

I have been in practice for 30+ years, in that time I have looked at possible ways of complementing my practice online. Eventually I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, who have a programme that teaches how to do just that. Their Open Education Project has a step by step training, in how anyone with a basic level of intelligence can build a website . By doing this,they can learn the best way of putting a business on the internet.

I am therefore moving trevorreeves.co.uk onto a WordPress site, hosted by Wealthy Affiliate and I am learning how to develop the site.

There were other reasons  for the move…

I wanted to have a hands on approach to the site and I knew that I should publish a blog (Web Log), but I could never quite get it right. WordPress sites are ideal for blogging so that made sense. They are blogging sites.

When trevorreeves.co.uk was set up people  viewed the internet using Desk Top and Laptop Computers.  Now everyone is accessing the web via Smartphones and Tablets, so it needed upgrading any way and the WA(Wealthy Affiliate) WordPress sites are mobile friendly.

I already have other sites that I am developing with WA and, as I have access to 20+ sites as a member,  it seemed obvious that I should include the practice.

The plan is to utilize all the training available –Site Engine Optimisation (SEO), Traffic Building and support from experts in the field, to bring information about what we have to offer to a wider audience.

There will be a regular blog on all matters relating to the clinic, especially news on health related matters of interest to me and hopefully to you.

If you have any comments or questions, please submit them below. As a general rule I will not publish web links, but I am happy to respond to genuine communications.

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