Below are some of the testimonials from my patients :-

From: Natalie Coley <nccoley@gmail.com>

Subject: Testimonial

Date: 21 February 2017 16:34:37 GMT

To: trevortreeves@gmail.com

Hi Trevor,

Apologies for the delay.  Please see testimonial below.




I have had a very positive experience with the treatments I have

undergone with Trevor.  I went for treatment for a bad back, and found

that after having a combination of acupuncture and moxa treatments I

felt a huge difference within a very short space of time.  I could not

have asked for a more professional and sensitive approach which made

the process both comfortable and effective.  Trevor is extremely

knowledgable in his field, and his holistic approach has been


From: Timothy Carroll <tim_carroll@mac.com>

Subject: Review

Date: 21 March 2017 14:56:10 GMT

To: Trevor Reeves <trevortreeves@gmail.com>, “Trevor Reeves (Acupuncturist)” <info@trevorreeves.co.uk>

Trevor has treated me for a variety of conditions for several years using acupuncture and massage at the Kennington Rd clinic. These conditions have included gout, sciatica, lower back, shoulder and hip pain and a variety of muscle strains. Trevor has a wealth of experience and has proved to be very knowledgeable on the best way to treat any given problem.

Highly recommended.

Tim Carroll


Angela Coley

Personal Performance/Corporate & Executive Coach

Tel: 020 8765 1053

Mob: 07957 430963

Email: info@ofcl.co.uk

Website: www.ofcl.co.uk




I have been using the services of Trevor Reeves, both for osteopathy and acupuncture, on and off for the past 17 years! I have continued to use him as and when necessary because he has effectively relieved and remedied health issues which I experienced during this period. One of the main feats I accomplished using Trevor’s acupuncture was to quit smoking over 40 cigarettes per day! I have now been smoke-free for more than 10 years!


Over the years I have continually recommended Trevor to friends and family not only because he is excellent at what he does, but because he is professional, personable and totally focused on the needs of his patients. His holistic approach to his work is admirable and truly reflected in the delivery of his services.


Trevor’s services continue to prove invaluable to me and the feedback I receive from the people I have referred is most impressive.