Do you or your doctors feel that your low back pain needs surgery? Surgery is no quick-fix and should be necessary in a very small number of cases. Let us consider Osteopathy and back pain.

Academic StudyReveals Osteopathy reduces Low Back Pain in Most Cases.

Researchers from the University of North Texas have discovered that non-invasive osteopathic treatment will reduce low back pain in the majority of cases.

Six Treatments over Eight Weeks

The study revealed that six osteopathic treatment sessions carried out over eight weeks reduce pain and produce general improvements, particularly in mobility. Outcome assessments were made after 12 weeks.

Researchers at the University of North Texas and Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine used 455 patients for the study. A total of 269 had back pain classed as low in severity while 186 had severe low back pain.

It is worth stressing that this was a randomised, double-blind trial using ‘sham-control’, i.e., treatments that look like the studied treatment but are not the prescribed treatment.

Substantial improvement At 12 Weeks

At the 12 week assessment point most of the patients reported substantial improvement in pain reduction and back functioning. When it came to pain reduction the majority of patients reported at least 50 per cent or more reduction.

Double the Chance of Significant Improvement

Those with severe back pain had more than double the chance of significant improvement after osteopathic treatment than those who received the sham treatment. They also had an 80 per cent chance of significant improvement on the standardised Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire, a widely-used health status measure for low back pain.

Lower back pain is a frequent and recurring condition that’s often caused by damage to the muscles, tendons or ligaments supporting the spine. Low back pain is termed ‘acute’ when it lasts less than six weeks or ‘chronic’ when it goes on for longer than three months.


To find out more about the study see:

Licciardone J C, Kearns C M, Minotti D E. Outcomes of osteopathic manual treatment for chronic low back pain according to baseline pain severity: Results from the OSTEOPATHIC Trial. Man Ther.

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