Osteopathic Treatment

Many people come to me with low back pain and do not know that osteopathic treatment can often relieve their symptoms. Again there are many people who come to me who have known for years about the benefits of osteopathy.

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Osteopathy is concerned with the dynamics of the structure of our bodies. The general idea being that if our bony framework is functioning optimally then the rest of our organism will benefit. This is especially true of the vertebral column, our spine. The spine has various important roles to play.

The Spine

Being formed of bone it protects the spinal cord and the nerve roots that supply our muscles and the main organs of the body.

It also has to be able to be flexible and able to articulate smoothly to perform our daily routines.

If anything should compromise these roles then we suffer. It is the job of an osteopath to diagnose and treat any such problems whether as a result of a trauma ( accident) such as whiplash, or lifting heavy objects, or due to some chronic condition such as osteoarthritis or a postural problem such as scoliosis ( curvature of the spine). Also occupational stresses need to be assessed as well as the nutritional health of the body as a whole.


It is only comparatively recently in the grand scheme of things that we have become so sedentary. We sit around like we never did before. We come from a tradition of hunter-gatherers. Before the technological age that we are in now we used to have to put a lot more physical effort in. In my own case I find that exercise and movement makes me feel good. Research shows that our brains release “feel good” chemicals into our blood streams when we exercise and also the extra blood supply that is created helps to nourish all areas of our systems.

The Importance of A Good Blood Supply

Talking about blood supply, when you consider what our vital organs, heart, lungs, liver stomach and kidneys need one can see that something like back pain, tennis elbow etc. comes low in the list of priorities which is where the osteopath comes in by provide treatment that encourages the blood flow to an affected area. All healing requires a good flow of blood.

Neuromuscular Massage

Osteopathy has a reputation of being quite a vigorous form of therapy. “Bone crunching” is a term used to refer to osteopathic manipulation. This comes from the common experience in treatment of the spine where a popping sound is heard as the spine is manipulated. However, it should be stressed that “Bone crunching” is only a part of osteopathic treatment, I also use neuromuscular massage. This form of massage is aimed specifically to an afflicted area and is quite firm, of course the strength of the massage will depend on the particular state/age etc. of the presenting tissues. This is quite different to a relaxing general massage.

Palliative Medicine

Often when a problem such as low back pain appears the first approach is to take some over the counter medicine such as ibuprofen which is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug (NSAID). If, that sorts the problem out then all it was,was a minor sprain. However, if the problem/pain retuns then continued use of such palliative measures is not a good idea. Imagine that you are driving along and warning lights come up on the dashboard it’s not a good idea to just stick a tape over it, whilst you might feel less worried initially your engine could suffer serious damage. It’s a good idea to consult an expert to effect a remedy for the short and long term. On that note please check out my details

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