Can Acupuncture Help Type 2 Diabetes

A frequent question in clinic is “Can Acupuncture help Type 2 Diabetes?” Patients also ask me “ Can I reverse Type 2 Diabetes?”

Many people search for the best natural treatments for Type 2 Diabetes. And the good news is that in many cases it is possible to overcome this life shortening condition .

The Chinese have been aware of the “wasting-thirsting” condition for hundreds of years. They considered it to be the result of eating too much rich food too frequently.

What are the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes?                                                                  

Increased thirst

Increased hunger (especially after eating)

Dry mouth

Frequent urination

Unexplained weight loss

Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)

Blurred vision.


The high level of sugar in the blood will damage the blood vessels leading to Atheroma, (an accumulation of degenerative material in the artery walls, leading to hardening of the tissues)bad circulation, angina, kidney disease and impotence.

What Can I do about it?

This blog is about the role of Acupuncture in reversing this condition. There are many avenues to explore and Acupuncture treatment can help in promoting these. Take for example, overweight issues which are one of the results of Type 2 Diabetes. Acupuncture has the effect of balancing out the body’s energy levels. It also helps to even out the head /body divide so that there is less desire for Comfort foods i.e. Refined Carbohydrates because you feel more comfortable in your body. It helps you to achieve balance.

A case History

A male aged ? consulted me suffering from Gout and Type 2 Diabetes. After approximately 6 Acupuncture sessions the Gout Symptoms disappeared. We discussed the 5-2 Diet that had recently been aired on television (Dr Michael Moseley). He decided to give it a trial and he also joined a gym. By now he was having Acupuncture approximately !x per month. A few months later, looking much fitter and slimmer, he was declared to no longer be suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

How Can Acupuncture Help?

Chinese Medical Philosophy of which Acupuncture springs from is the original Holistic healing mode. It was formulated from a time when there were no distractions such as the internet,tv,consumerism and technology. The thinkers of the time looked at the position of the human with regard to the Earth that he/she inhabited and the mind /consciousness ( Heaven). They became aware of the binary nature of existence e.g. day/night, hot /cold, summer/winter. By realising that the human shares an equal position between these two forces, it was possible to understand what was going on in a profound manner. They could then conduct themselves in the most propitious manner to achieve success and wellbeing. The whole philosophy is encapsulated in the I-Ching or book of changes -An Oracle and sort of Biological Binary book of wisdom.

The Importance of Diet

Interestingly I came across some marketing material that claimed that a product that was being touted removed the need for giving up eating foods that were liked! That’s like saying you don’t have to give up poison if you like it. I suggest we have to re-educate our palate so that we enjoy eating healthy food – not continue eating junk and low nutritional foods just because we have become used to them. We might in some cases enjoy smoking tobacco – that doesn’t mean it is ok to keep smoking if we want to regain our health.

The Gun And The Trigger

Genetics can predispose you to diabetes, but remember your genes are the gun and lifestyle is the trigger. (deleted an extra full stop here)

Avoid refined carbohydrates such as sugar. This means biscuits, cake, sweets.   It is also important to avoid white flour and products containing it. Choose instead slow burning carbohydrates such as Wholemeal Flour. In fact even keep Wholemeal flour to a minimum. Reduce Alcohol consumption, beer, etc.


This is not rocket science. It is important to expend as many calories as consumed.

We are designed to move about. It is only over the last150 years that we have become used to a sedentary life style.

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